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Subject Verb Agreement Exercises Mcqs

Subject-verb agreement is a fundamental rule of grammar. It refers to the understanding that a verb must agree with its subject in terms of number and person. This means that if the subject is singular, the verb must also be singular. Likewise, if the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural. This is an important rule to follow in order to create clear and understandable sentences.

One of the best ways to practice subject-verb agreement is through exercises and multiple-choice questions (MCQs). These exercises can help you identify and correct any mistakes you may be making in your writing. Here are some subject-verb agreement exercises MCQs that you can use to improve your grammar skills.

Exercise 1:

Choose the correct verb that agrees with the subject in each sentence.

1. The dog (barks, bark) at the mailman every morning.

2. My friends (is, are) coming over for dinner tonight.

3. The book (was, were) written by my favorite author.

4. The committee (has, have) chosen a new leader.

5. Neither of the options (seem, seems) appealing to me.

Answer Key: 1. barks 2. are 3. was 4. has 5. seems

Exercise 2:

Choose the sentence that has the correct subject-verb agreement.

1. The group of students have finished their project.

2. The committee has made its decision.

3. The team of athletes is practicing every day.

4. The pack of wolves are howling at the moon.

Answer Key: 2. The committee has made its decision.

Exercise 3:

Choose the correct verb that agrees with the subject in each sentence.

1. The singer and the guitarist (is, are) performing tonight.

2. The children (plays, play) in the park every day.

3. The news (is, are) always depressing.

4. My sister and I (was, were) planning a trip to Europe.

5. All of the students (has, have) turned in their homework on time.

Answer Key: 1. are 2. play 3. is 4. are 5. have

By practicing these exercises, you can improve your ability to correctly identify and use subject-verb agreement in your written work. Remember that this is a fundamental rule of grammar that is essential to creating clear and effective sentences. By mastering subject-verb agreement, you can become a more confident and effective writer.

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