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Synonym for Came to an Agreement

As a writer or copy editor, it is common to encounter the phrase “came to an agreement” repeatedly. While it is a straightforward and widely accepted phrase, using it repeatedly can become monotonous and dull.

Fortunately, the English language is diverse and rich enough to offer a plethora of synonyms, including other phrases that accurately convey the message of reaching a conclusion or a resolution. In this article, we will explore a few of these synonyms that can add variety, depth, and clarity to your writing.

1. Reached a consensus:

When two or more parties come to an agreement, they have reached a consensus. This phrase suggests a mutual agreement that was arrived at after a discussion or negotiation. It is a popular phrase that can be used interchangeably with “came to an agreement.”

2. Settled on a decision:

This phrase conveys a sense of finality, suggesting that the parties have not only reached an agreement but have also made a definitive decision. It is an effective synonym for “came to an agreement” when describing a decision that has been made mutually and conclusively.

3. Arrived at a resolution:

To arrive at a resolution is to find a solution to a problem or dispute. It suggests that the parties involved have worked together to find a satisfactory outcome. This phrase is suitable for describing a more complicated agreement.

4. Agreed on terms:

When parties agree on specific terms, they have reached an agreement. This phrase is usually used when discussing business agreements and transactions or legal settlements. It is an appropriate synonym for “came to an agreement” when the terms of the agreement have been discussed and negotiated.

5. Concluded negotiations:

When the parties involved in a negotiation have reached an agreement, they have concluded negotiations. This phrase suggests a collaborative effort to resolve a problem or dispute. It is a suitable synonym for “came to an agreement” when discussing a negotiation that has been completed.

In conclusion, the phrase “came to an agreement” is functional, but it can become repetitive and uninspiring. By using synonyms such as “reached a consensus,” “settled on a decision,” “arrived at a resolution,” “agreed on terms,” or “concluded negotiations,” you can add variety and depth to your writing while effectively conveying the message of reaching an agreement. As a copy editor, it is essential to recognize the power of language and explore different ways to communicate your message.

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