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Recently tweeted by Nick at NJS Executive – I couldnt have put it better myself..


“One of my bugbears in life is the increasing price of fuel. Now listen, I know we all need to do our bit to save the planet but it was hoped that the increasing cost of fuel was going to act as a deterrent to those of us with cars. But, it hasn’t – why? Because, we all have to get to work and school and the way we do it is in our vehicles!”

“If you look on Twitter you will see lots of comments about the increase in fuel prices like the fact that higher fuel prices mean higher food prices, which in turn is putting an extra burden on the poor. And what about those of us who rely on fuel for our work? Especially since VAT has now risen to 20%!”

“We are doing our level best to absorb the extra costs in order to stay competitive. Surely at some point the very infrastructure of the country is going to be affected if fuel prices continue to rise”

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